7pm The Vanishing Point (Weekly)
Deftly weaving electronica, indie and soundtrack sounds with a discerning eye fixed on the local scene, Vanishing Point Records owner Corey Lavender gives ‘hump-day’ a kick up the arse. Expect carefully selected tunes, guest mixes and more.

9pm The IEG Presents: Midweek Mixes
A new mix every week from a rotating line-up of top DJs, collectively known as the Independent Electric Group. They're led from the front by Derbyshire-based electro superstar Lippy Kid.


7pm and 9pm Monthly Rotation
Shows covering all ends of the musical spectrum. Including The Archive with Martyn Stonehouse (aka DATAStream), The DubRek Sound Lab (with Jay Dean and Russell Beresford), Lucie De Lacy's Incidental Boogie, Rough Mix with Grawl!x, The Cargo Bay with Ashley Bird and more. See social media for the weekly schedule.


9pm The Friday Mix
A rotating line-up of the best party-starting DJs our valley has to offer. Including The Eclectic Boogaloo Crew, War & Beats, the Not Guilty DJs and more.

10pm Burning Chrome (Weekly)
Synth sounds and retro-wave electronica beamed to Matlock and beyond from our man in New Orleans - Xander Harris. No, seriously, he is in New Orleans. It’s just past Bonsall, over that way somewhere. This guy is an absolute legend, by the way. Look him up!


9.30am The Saturday Show with Ashley Bird and friends (Weekly)
Ashley Bird’s weekly morning celebration of all things Matlock, soundtracked by a mix of pop, rock, indie and what people who feel guilty about pleasure call ‘guilty pleasures’. Get involved with the show by texting 07537 18 51 50 with your dedications, requests and events you’d like us to mention! 


9.30am The Omnibus
The best shows of the week, repeated for your Sunday listening pleasure...