The Casimir Engine

The World Famous Casimir Engine Show

After leaving school at the dawn of Punk, the Casimir Engine had nothing much to offer the world other than a case of Top of the Pops albums and a Phil Oakey haircut. Music is his first love, and it will be his last, music for the future, music for the past. His childhood dreams involved a microphone and an audience, so a career as a minicab controller was the perfect move. Directing high mileage Morris Marina cars around Nottingham gave Casimir the background in broadcasting much needed as an online radio presenter. The early performing years found Casimir caught up in the world of the new romantic. Constant fiddling with his organ made him the obvious choice as lead singer and synth player in Long Eaton based band Danzig Corridor. It was a short lived project due mainly to a complete lack of songs, talent and audience. From that point,  life became a little more pedestrian. Over the subsequent years job roles came thick and fast, biscuit machine operative, Action Man assembler, beetroot pickler , none had any involvement in broadcasting. In 2013 Casimir blagged a tea making a job at Radio Free Smedley Street radio station, and duly accepted. From thereon in I guess, as they say, the rest can be found on Wikipedia. Just Google “crap presenters.” First record ever bought? Rock On by David Essex. My first crush? Servelan off of Blakes 7. First gig? The Who at Bingley Hall Staffs where I wore a Parka throughout losing 4 stones in just over an hour and a half. I’ve been trying to replicate the weight loss since. Best gig? How can you choose when you’ve seen so many? I’m going for Imagination at The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Those togas were amazing! First record you played on the radio? I’d like to ask my fans but if he’s not in or doesn’t answer it was I’m in Love by Donna Summer. A record you’d like played at your funeral? The theme from Hill Street Blues Favourite stationary? I’m going for the classic Bic blue ball point pen. Favourite game. Top Trumps Super Cars.