Our Shows

Monday- The Casimir Engine Show

The Casimir Engine kicks off yet another week of drudgery with what his Mum calls "an epic show." Picking a title and then finding content is primarily Casimir's working plan which begins with the highly unoriginal "Album of the Week" running from 6.30 to 7.30pm with classic or new albums played in full. From Gong to Public Service Broadcasting, Album of the Week never fails to surprise and provides Cas with enough time to write something for the main event. The Casimir Engine Show picks up the pace to a slight crawl at 7.30, running through to his bedtime drink at 9.30pm. It's massive, it's average to poor, it's for the most part a chance for Cas to vent his spleen, ranting and raving about the days BIG issues, from "can underpants ever wear out" to "are chips really fattening" which in Casimir's book is essential for this highly original and award winning Talk/Music Show. Add to that a pinch of good/bad music, a portion of great local bands, bucket full of poorly conceived content including the pathetic Monday Metal Mayhem, a snifter of sarcastic chuntering and you've pretty much nailed the whole concept. There's no posse of fawning acolytes because no one will work with him. The Casimir Engine Show, reliably mediocre.

Tuesday- The Magical Mr E Show

From 8 to 9pm, Mr E and Martin have very different music tastes, each week they try to change each other's minds, rarely succeeding. Together they riff on the week's news - finding songs tenuously linked to the headlines; go 'under the covers'; get morbid with 'The Necropolis Playlist' and play some great (and sometimes not so great) music!

Wednesday- Ground Station Zero

Ground Station Zero (8.30-9.30pm) is named for Matlock's WW2 secret underground resistance radio. It's our regular live Wednesday slot including banter from Matlock's Mark and Stuart: Rob James and Martin Lockett with occasional interjections from Alice.  GSZ champions local bands, festivals and venues, often featuring live sets and interviews with featured artists. Plus drop in a request for your favourite tunes via Facebook or Twitter.

Thursday - Casimir Engine

Fridays- Joined Ends

Get that friday feeling with a great set of dance music from Cromford's best DJ, Rob Hardy. joinedends a place for all things good in electronic music & celebrating the freeing spirit of DANCE!

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